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Lost and Found Pets

There is no single organization you can turn to when you have lost or found a pet in East Texas. Our mission is to change this. For now, the following organizations can help in reuniting lost pets with their owners.

You can also post pictures and messages on our Facebook page.

Please spay & neuter your pets (this helps to keep them from wandering off) and try to always keep a collar on with current Rabies Tag & Owner ID Tag.ย  Ask your vet about Microchipping.ย  A simple Microchip could save your pet’s life if he/she is lost!

Call these locations IMMEDIATELY if you have a lost pet:

*City of Tyler Residents

Klein Animal Shelter
(903) 586-7336 (We strongly urge you to personally visit the shelter, too.)

City of Tyler Animal Control

(903) 535-0045

*Outside City Limits

Smith County Animal Control
(903) 566-6600

Also visit the Lost and Found Cats and Dogs of Tyler, TX Facebook page.

Report a Lost / Found dog (these reports are forwarded to the Lost and Found Cats and Dogs of Tyler, TX Facebook page):

  • Provide the location/area last seen (if lost) or found.
  • Please describe this animal, including color, marking, size, and unique features. Did this animal have a collar or tags?
  • Drop files here or
      If possible, upload a picture of the animal. Image files only (.jpg, .gif, .png). Maximum file size is 1MB.