Lost and Found Pets

There is no single organization you can turn to when you have lost or found a pet in East Texas. Call your local animal control agency immediately if you have lost a pet. Texas Law are only requires animals to be held for 72 hours.

Please spay & neuter your pets to prevent them from wandering and always keep a collar on with current owner ID tag on your pet.  Contact us for microchipping and personalized id tags.

Call these locations IMMEDIATELY if you have a lost pet:

Tyler Residents

City of Tyler Animal Control
(903) 535-0045

Smith County Residents

Smith County Animal Control
(903) 566-6600

Also visit the Lost and Found Cats and Dogs of Tyler, TX Facebook page.

Report a Lost or Found Pet

You may report a lost or found pet on the  Lost and Found Cats and Dogs of Tyler, TX Facebook page.

Publicize a lost or found pet with posters, lots of them (see sample at right).

  • Keep it simple: “LOST DOG (or CAT)!” should be at the top in large, easy to red (from a moving vehicle) bold letters.
  • Include a brief description: “Beige Wire-Haired Terrier” or “Striped Gray and Black Short Haired Cat”
  • Include a photo and describe the breed
  • Include the pet’s name – someone may call them and capture them
  • Offer a reward, don’t state how much
  • Include your phone number in large numbers at the bottom of poster