TMT Partnership

We can’t do it alone! 

Making a difference for the homeless pets of our community is a goal we strive to achieve every day. Regretfully, in East Texas we have an extremely high volume of homeless cats and dogs. The larger city and county shelters are full and being forced to euthanize for space.  The smaller, rural cities and towns have no animal control or animal shelter.  Tragically, these rural areas are where many unwanted animals are being dumped or abandoned. Resulting in an overpopulation of stray cats and dogs and creating a never-ending mission for animal rescue groups. Community support is KEY to our success and making a difference.

The SPCA of East Texas is PROUD to announce our partnership with the Tyler Morning Telegraph. TMT has joined us in our ongoing lifesaving efforts by highlighting and sharing the critical needs of our community.

Be sure to check out and LIKE/COMMENT/SHARE the weekly post from Tyler Morning Telegraph featuring “Spotlights” on some of the many adoptable pets in our program.

Getting the word out on important community issues is something that TMT takes very seriously. The exposure and support the SPCA of East Texas has received from this partnership has already had a positive impact on our organization. We are extremely excited for the future.

With dozens of newspaper, magazine, email, video and web promotions, we are happy to report an increase in event attendance and adoption numbers. When the community comes together – goals can be achieved!


Tyler Morning Telegraph will donate $5 to the SPCA of East Texas TWO WAYS:

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2. As an existing subscriber, switch to EZ Pay for your billing

Call now to get started: 903-597-1121