Our Staff


Deborah Dobbs – President and Executive Director

Kat Cortelyou – Director of Operations

Karen Parker-Kilgore – Volunteer & Foster Coordinator

Hope Lutteringer – Dog Adoption Coordinator

Megan Rishel – Cat Adoption Coordinator

Cathy Sampson – Marketing & Data Management

And all our many Fosters & Volunteers!


Dr. Laura Beckworth – SNIPPET Surgeon

Dr. Elizabeth Hendel – Wellness Veterinarian

Windy Cortelyou – SNIPPET Clinic Manager / Controller

Deb Helms –  Lead Surgery Tech

Shelia McMillan – Surgery Tech

Daniel Wein – Surgery Tech

Delilah Ellison –  Wellness Tech / Animal Caregiver

Alexis Simpson –  Wellness Tech / Animal Caregiver

Tony Anderson – Animal Caregiver

Collin Fuller – Animal Caregiver

Melissa Arciniega – Medical & Transport Coordinator

Kaitlyn Ramirez – Medical & Lead Client Services Rep.

Brandi Davenport – Client Services Representative

Kristin Kingma – Client Services Representative