Spay/Neuter Services


Our mission is to decrease animal overpopulation in East Texas by offering
affordable spay & neuter services to our community.

The SNIPPET Clinic strives to provide the best possible services
to the public at very affordable prices. 

Why Spay/Neuter Your Pet?

Every year, thousands of adoptable pets are euthanized in our community
due to overpopulation. We simply have more animals than we have homes for.
Not only will you help decrease overpopulation, you will also increase
the health of your pet.

Spay/Neuter Services

Call 903-592-7705 to schedule surgery
OR USE LINK BELOW to schedule online
Surgery Dates Available Tuesday – Friday by Appointment Only
Dogs: $80 non-refundable deposit (per pet) required to confirm your appointment
Cats: $25 non-refundable deposit (per pet) required to confirm your appointment

3245 W Grande Blvd – Tyler



DOGS (Includes E-collar and Pain Medication.

Female:         $90* (Female Dogs only under 80 pounds are accepted at this clinic)
Male              $80*
Rabies:          $15 (1yr) $20 (3yr)   (required by law unless proof of vaccination is provided)

*Additional Fees May Apply

$10            60-79 pounds

$20           80-99 pounds (only male dogs accepted)

$35           100+ pounds (only male dogs accepted)

$10           In heat

$25           Pregnant 

$15-$40   Cryptorchid (dependent on location)

CATS (Includes Pain Medication)

Female:         $65*
Male              $50*
Rabies:          $15 (1yr) $20 (3yr)  (required by law unless proof of vaccination is provided)

*Additional Fees May Apply

$10           In heat

$25           Pregnant

$15-$40   Cryptorchid (dependent on location)

For a list of other products available:


Pets must be at least 3 months old and weigh at least 3 pounds to be scheduled for surgery.

Female dogs and cats must be completely finished nursing for two weeks before the surgery date.

Bloodwork is required for DOGS 7+ years old and for CATS 10+ years old, along with a signed Increased Risk Waiver. SNIPPET Clinic can run pre-anesthetic bloodwork the day of surgery for $45, or you can bring a copy of current bloodwork the morning of surgery.

We do not have the resources to accommodate your FEMALE dog if she is over 80 pounds. Please contact your local full-service vet to schedule their spay .

PLEASE NOTE: Owners of  brachycephalic dogs (dogs with shorter noses) will need to sign an increased risk waiver and there will be additional products and fees.

If your pet does not match the details you have described in the attached form, your appointment will be rescheduled.

In the best interest of your pet, our vet reserves the right to refuse surgery for any reason. 


Thank You for Being a Responsible Pet Owner!