Cat Adoption Program

Adoption Requirements

  • All animals in your home MUST be spayed/neutered (absent medical reason).
  • All animals in your home MUST have current Rabies, Distember/Parvo, Bordetella vaccinations.
  • All cats in your home MUST test negative for FeLV (feline leukemia).
  • Adopters MUST be at least 21 years old.

Three Easy Steps

  1. Complete Application
  2. Visit with Adoption Counselor
  3. Select Your New Best Friend

Our goal is to find the perfect pet for your lifestyle and household. All our cats reside in foster homes until their forever family is found. We invite you to stop by our Adoption Center Tuesday through Saturday to meet our Adoption Team and discuss the type of pet you are looking for. On Saturdays, you can also meet some of our wonderful
cats in person.

Thank you for considering a rescue pet!


It is against the policy of the SPCA of East Texas to declaw our cats and it is prohibited by our Adoption Contract. If you are seeking a declawed cat, please let us know. There are many cats in rescue programs that are already declawed and looking for their forever home.



• Declawing is cruel, physically and psychologically.
• Cat’s claws function as part of its fingers and toes.
• Declawing equates to amputating the last joint of a cat’s toes.
• The surgery and recovery is extremely painful.
• Declawing impedes a cats’ ability to walk and play.
• Declawing diminishes a cats’ ability to escape predators by climbing.
• Declawed cats are more vulnerable and tend to have higher levels of anxiety.



• Regular clipping of the tip of the claw can help alleviate damage from scratching.
• An SPCA Vet Tech or your veterinarian can show you how to properly clip claws.
• Provide your cat plenty of appropriate things to scratch.
• Redirect your cat when scratching something he or she shouldn’t.
• Patience, positive reinforcement, and consistent training alleviates the vast majority of scratching.



It is the policy of the SPCA of East Texas to require our adopted cats to live indoors unless being walked on a leash or accompanied by you. These conditions are contained in our Adoption Contract.

• Average life span of an indoor cat is 15-20 years when given proper care.
• Average life span of an outdoor cat is 2 years.
• Cats are killed and injured by cars every day on neighborhood streets.
• Cats can fall prey to hawks and coyotes in our East Texas area.
• Cats may contract diseases from other free roaming cats.
• Cats may be poisoned, shot, or abused when they wander onto the property of others.

Ready to adopt?

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