Welcome to the SPCA of East Texas Volunteer Program. Being a volunteer is extremely rewarding, educational, and fun! You can have a significant impact on the lives of our animals. It’s easy to become an SPCA of East Texas volunteer and there are so many ways to help the SPCA of East Texas fulfill our mission to provide all animals exceptional care and loving home. The animals are waiting for your love!

Please note that to become a volunteer, you must be 12 years of age or older. Youth 12-15 years old may volunteer with a parent or legal guardian who is also a volunteer.

Fill out the online application below. 

If you are a parent applying for both you and your child ages 12-15 years of age, please complete the volunteer application for yourself and then one for your child. The Volunteer Coordinator will respond to your application within a few days.

Attend General Volunteer Orientation

Volunteer Orientations are held on a monthly basis and last approximately 1.5 hours. Once your application is received, you will be contacted with a list of Volunteer Orientation dates. In this group class, you will learn more about us – our mission, our vision, why we do what we do and how you can help.

Attend Animal Handling Training

If you are interested in working with animals at the Adoption Center, additional training is required to get you ready for the fun stuff. Training includes general animal handling tips, leashing, getting animals in/out of kennels, and exhibiting excellent customer service to potential adopters. Animal Handling Training is also held monthly immediately following the General Orientation.

Complete a 4-Hour Adoption Center Mentor Shift

After you have completed steps 1, 2 & 3 you will have a trained “buddy” that will guide you through a real adoption day, coaching you all the way on the skills needed to be a successful volunteer at the SPCA of East Texas.

Volunteer Opportunities for Youth

Ages 12 – 15:

Many of the animals that come to us have unknown histories. All people working with our animals must to be able to manage unpredictable situations so volunteers must be at least 12 years of age years or older. Ages 12-15 MUST work with an adult (18 +) parent/guardian at all times. Both the youth and the parent/guardian must attend the volunteer orientation, animal handling training, and mentor shift training together.

Ages 12 and Under:

There are lots of opportunities for kids who are not old enough (12 and under) to volunteer working directly with our animals. Here are just a few ideas:

  • Donate Your Special Day
    • You can donate supplies, you can donate your time, but have you ever heard of donating your day? Each year, SPCA of East Texas receives donations from very generous kids who decide to ask for donations to help animals instead of gifts for their Birthday, Communion, or Bar/Bat Mitzvah. Wow! We are very lucky to have such kind and compassionate kids helping our animals!
    • Some tips:
      • Include information about the SPCA of East Texas in your party invitations.
      • Share with your guests why you care about animals.
      • You can request donations or gifts for the animals from our Wish List (click here).
      • Once you have all of the donations collected, stop by the Adoption Center on Saturdays to drop them off, visit our pets, and have your photo taken!
      • Host a movie night for animals. Invite friends to a movie night with an “admission fee” to be donated to the SPCA of East Texas.
      • Ask your class, Boy Scout or Girl Scout Troop to fund raise and collect donations for our rescue pets. (Example; Pennies for Paws”). You can even make pet beds and toys for our animals as a project too!
  • Become a foster family. Talk with your family about fostering a puppy or kitten or adult animal in your home.
  • Adopt a pet. Most importantly, encourage your family to come visit our Adoption Center and consider adopting a rescue pet!

(At this time, the SPCA of East Texas does not fulfill court-appointed community service hours.)

Contact Information

Email: volunteer@spcaeasttx.com
Phone: (903) 596-7722

Volunteer Application